July 2018 Tuesday Gardener’s meeting topic resources:

Growing Tomatoes - Darla Black
  • HLA-6012 Growing Tomatoes in the Home Garden (PDF/Mobile)
  • EPP-7625 Common Diseases of Tomatoes Part 1 (PDF/Mobile)
  • EPP-7626 Common Diseases of Tomatoes Part 2 (PDF/Mobile)

Tomato Tasting
Only about 4-5 Tomato samples were available this year as a result of poor ripening this year. The corresponding meeting in 2017 saw over 20 samples. Most believe the late freeze and short Spring have caused many troubles in growing good tomatoes in Payne County this year.

Favorites were, in order of votes received, Sweet 100’s, Midnight Snack, Park’s Whopper, Juliette, and Celebrity. Many thanks to those who were fortunate enough to have tomatoes ripe enough to share.

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