February’s Tuesday Gardener’s meeting topic resources:

House Plants - Gary Sites, Pres. Quality Plants

Gary discussed some organic methods of dealing with some plant eating insects. Horticultural Oil, Neem Oil and a new remedy for fungus gnats and mosquitos:
mosquito dunks

Gary then demonstrated some methods of starting plants from other mature plants.

Cuttings in Water
Pasted Graphic 4
Planting Pups
Pasted Graphic 2
Air Layering
Pasted Graphic 1

Garden Planning - Alice Fowler

HLA-6004 Oklahoma Garden Planning Guide (PDF/Mobile)
HLA-6033 Raised Bed Gardening (
HLA-6436 Healthy Garden Soils (
PSS-2207 How to Get a Good Soil Sample (
ISU PM814 Where to put your vegetable garden (

OSU soil testing lab: http://soiltesting.okstate.edu/soil-sampling-and-testing

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