Oklahoma is blessed to have various climates and soils to grow a variety of fruits and nuts in most years. Not all fruits or nuts can be grown in all parts of the state. Payne County Master Gardeners can work with you to find the options available to you based on your soils and location and find species suitable in USDA Cold Hardiness Zones 6 and 7 in Payne County.

Oklahoma State University fact sheets on fruit & nut tree care:
Fruit & Nut Care Fact Sheets

PECAN GRAFTING WORKSHOP: The OSU Payne County Extension Office offers an opportunity to learn the art of pecan grafting from a master. Usually held in April, local pecan legend Dick Hoffman demonstrates proper grafting techniques as well as shares some of his secrets that have made him successful pecan grower for over 50 years. From teaching, to grafting, to supplying graftwood, to processing, Dick has done it all.

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