Our first Tuesday Gardener’s meeting for 2016 covered Soil Health presented by Rebecca Bennett, and Garden Planning and Garden Safety presented by Rosemary Angel. Also handed out at the meeting was a flyer with Gardening Catalogs and Web Sites (see below)

Rebecca’s outline, handouts and links mentioned:
Steps for Building and Maintaining Soil Health
- Sample soil and have it tested every three to four years
- Apply fertilizers, if needed, in the recommended manner and amount
- Make use of organic materials whenever possible to increase soil organic matter
- Rotate vegetable crops (by plant families) and plant a diversity of species
- Keep soil covered with organic mulch or cover crops to prevent erosion and support microbial diversity
- Reduce tillage

Soil Health Resources
OSU Soil, Water and Forage Analytical Laboratory
OSU Fact Sheets:
- Healthy Garden Soils,
- Improving Garden Soil Fertility,
- Soil Testing… the Right First Step,
Natural Resources Conservation Service
Soil Science Society of America Teacher Resources

Gardening Catalogs and Web Sites flyer

Mention was made of a resource to help choose
vegetable varieties best suited for Oklahoma:
Vegetable Varieties for the Home Garden in Oklahoma -
Upcoming Events