Act Now for Proper Fruit and Nut Fertilization

Home Grown  by Keith Reed
Even though we do not generally fertilize these crops this time of year, July is the time to find out what your pecan, peach or apple trees and grapevines really need. Tissue analysis is a reliable management tool used to indicate the fertility needs of pecan, fruit trees and grapevines. Pecans and fruit trees can be monitored by collecting leaf samples while grapevine monitoring requires collection of leaf petioles.

July is the month for both sampling types. Pecan and fruit tree leaf samples are collected according to fact sheet
HLA-6232 or the instructions located on the OSU website. Grapevine petiole sampling procedures can likewise be found on the OSU website.

Results will only be as accurate as the sample collected so it is advised to follow the directions. Once the leaves are sampled, they should be submitted to the Payne County extension office. We will submit the sample to the OSU lab for testing and then provide specific recommendations for your plants. The cost of this service is twenty dollars per sample.

Fertilizer recommendations will be provided for the following spring application. Frequently growers find out they are applying unnecessary nutrients and can reduce their costs of fertilizing. The fee for a leaf sample can be an inexpensive tool to determine shortages or excesses before problems develop.

For more information of this or any other horticultural topic, you can contact Keith Reed, the Horticulturist in the Payne County Extension office. Keith can be reached via email at, phone at 405-747-8320, or in person at the Payne County Extension office, located at 315 W. 6th in Stillwater.

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